Organizational Chart

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the highest policy-making and government body of school. It has an executive administrative committee with nine members which includes:

  1. President
  2. Executive Vice-President
  3. Vice-President
  4. Comptroller
  5. Treasurer
  6. Academic Affairs Committee Chair
  7. General Services Committee Chair
  8. Sports Development Committee Chair
  9. Board Secretary

Chairman of the Board/President

The Chairman presides the meeting of the Board and directly instructs the School Principal of the approved policies in managing the seamless operation of the school realize its vision and mission.

Executive Vice President (EVP)

An EVP is responsible for maximizing an organization's operating performance and achieving its financial goals. EVP tend to have a broad array of responsibilities ranging from communicating with the board of directors to preparing operating budget to overseeing strategic plan.

Vice President

The Vice President shall perform duties and responsibilities and exercise powers of the President in the absence of incapacity.


Budgeting is the key function of the Comptroller and his staff, including the count of spending and revenues. He controls access to corporate funds, exercising an important fiduciary responsibility. He develops reports and analyses that are crucial to management of the business.


The Treasurer shall exercise the duties of receiving the giving receipts for all money paid from any source whatsoever. He shall deposit in the name and to the credit of the corporation in banks.

Academic Affair Committee

This committee is in-charge of the construction, operation, maintenance of structures and facilities in the school including assessment and forecasting of all school properties, office supplies and equipment, and other material requisites. It is also in-charge of the campus safety and security.

Sports Development Committee

This committee organizes and promotes sports programs for athletic development of students. These programs instill among participants and athletes correct prioritization between sports practices and academics; values fair play and sportmanship, teamwork and self-discipline.

Board Secretary

The board secretary attends and takes up the minutes of the meeting and keeps all records of the BOT activities and necessary documents. He/She provides copies for information to all members of the BOT.

School Principal

The School Principal reports to the Board of Trustees through the President and assumes the responsibility as the chief implementer of school policies, rules and regulations towards academic excellence in the holistic formation of every students and manages the over-all daily operation of the school.

Department Heads

These are Chinese Language Head, Kindergarten Head, Academic Head, Student Affairs & Co-curricular Activities Head, Support Services Head, General Services Head and ICT in-charge. Each head is responsible for all matters concerning his/her area. He/She takes charge of supervision  in the area of his/her responsibility


For technical aspects of the operation such as the Information and Communication Technology and Chinese Language Departments, consultants are hired to guide and recommend the development of their respective departments.

Human Resource Development Officer

The Human Resource Development Officer (HRDO) assumes the responsibility of maintaining and keeping the welfare of the most important asset of any institution - the people. The HRDO sources out the required employee or teacher given a set of minimum qualifications, keeps update personnel records and flow of employees in and out of the school and recommends In-Service Trainings of teachers every school year.