The guidance office aims to help students gain a better understanding of self and others, achieve self-direction, make realistic choices, and develop into mature individuals, able to make significant contributions in a community of diverse cultures.

Specific Objectives 

  1. Implement a client-centered, need-focused, and quality guidance program through qualified guidance professionals.
  2. Utilize the six developmental services.
  3. Operate within the standards and ideals of the school.

Guidance Program

Basic Services

  1. Testing
  2. Information
  3. Records
  4. Guidance and Counseling
  5. Placement
  6. Follow-up

Guidance Personnel

Guidance Personnel Duties and Responsibilities

Guidance Services In-charge:

  1. Develop students’ career awareness. (Placement)
  2. Assist students in identifying their skills and abilities. (Testing)
  3. Provide direct guidance and counseling services to students individually or in groups. (Counseling)
  4. Facilitate referrals to outside agencies. (Referral)
  5. Follow-up students at risk. (Follow-up)
  6. Manage and update students' individual inventory records. (Records)

Student Formation In-charge:

  1. Organize, conduct and/or facilitate trainings and activities for student values formation and/or moral development.
  2. Interview and investigate students with disciplinary cases.
  3. Record and collate data and/or evidences obtained from interview and/or investigation.
  4. Communicate results to parents.
  5. Facilitate proceedings on cases with sanctions.
  6. Identify and refer students in need of counseling and/or other guidance service to the guidance in-charge.
  Name Position
Ms. Maria Jaycel Grace O. Celiz Guidance Counseling Associate
Mr. Freddy B. Junsay Student Formation Officer


New Features

Comprehensive Guidance Program with the following features:

  • Evidence-based practice
  • Needs Assessment Surveys
  • Consistent Evaluation of Activities
  • Scheduled group sessions for all students
  • Trainings and symposiums per level
  • Students are encouraged to visit the guidance office during recess or dismissal to explore personal, social, academic, and career-related concerns.


Counseling Room:

Receiving Area: