Embracing New Teaching Models

Revamped. Redesigned. Redefined.

These are three words that define quality education as the world shifts into the new normal. As the education sector faces an uncertain future due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Bacolod Tay Tung High School stays anchored to its roots of providing quality education by launching online distance learning for School Year 2020-2021 as a part of the new normal. With this, teachers were being trained to give students an effective learning experience with the absence of traditional classes.

To ensure that lessons are relayed as planned from the educator to the student, the learning materials utilized must be packed with knowledge and must be presentable. As the school adapts online distance learning, Microsoft PowerPoint would become one of the most used digital platforms for Taytungian educators to present lessons to students. In this year’s In-Service Training (INSET), teachers received training and guidance on creating an effective PowerPoint presentation.

On June 15, 2020, Guidelines of Effective Online PPT and Screen Recording training and workshop were organized during the morning session. The teachers were grouped among five (5) different clusters. Cluster 1 was spearheaded by Mrs. Sophie Oghayon, LPT and Ms. Riffy Joy Flores, LPT; Cluster 2 was spearheaded by Ms. Mina Retita, LPT and Ms. Angela Dumay, LPT; Cluster 3 was spearheaded by Mr. Roland Leonillo, MAEd; Cluster 4 was spearheaded by Mr. Eljhone Esquilla, LPT; and Cluster 5 was spearheaded by Mr. Clyde Santes. Each cluster consists of more or less 20 teachers.

The training focused on creating a well-rounded presentation. The format of the PowerPoint presentation and the recommended fonts were emphasized. The amount of content in a certain slide must also be considered. An effective PowerPoint presentation must be straight to the point. Alongside technicalities and content, aesthetic also plays an important role in creating an effective PowerPoint presentation for learners.

“Upon hearing the title of the talk ‘Guidelines of Effective PowerPoint’, I have thought of something related to the designs, backgrounds, and colors – and I was right. The title gave me a hint on what to do that day. Our speaker, Sir Roland Leonillo, introduced the topic and started talking about it. He then lets us make our own PowerPoint Presentation applying the rules and guidelines he had talked about,” Ms. Patricia Gayte, an English teacher, stated.

Institutions are thinking of recalibrated and innovative ways on how to deliver knowledge to learners as the world gears up for the new normal. With the shifting tides brought by the pandemic, Bacolod Tay Tung High School stays rooted to its goal of providing quality education. With a revamped, redesigned, and “RedefinED” way of learning, the school can still continue molding its students to become well-rounded global participants and socially-responsible citizens amidst the health crisis. To Tay Tung, full steam ahead!
(Shefhannie Cabanus, MAEd and Paul Bryan Alexis Chua)

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