BTTHS Launches redefinED: Embracing Distance Education

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Bacolod Tay Tung High School teachers during its first day of 2-week long INSET Training dubbed as redefinED: BTTHS Embracing Distance Education.

Gearing up for the new normal in the Post COVID 19 Education Scheme of Distance Learning, the INSET started with the teachers being situated by Dr. Therese Jochico who gave a very enlightening Opening Remarks. She highlighted the skills needed by teachers today, specifically the 21st-century skills of Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication, and Collaboration which are even more important in today’s post-pandemic stage in Education.

This was followed by an introductory talk given by the school administrators who delivered their assigned portion of the session all about the current Education Program. Though it is true that the transition to the new system was practically enforced into us unawares, we teachers are obliged to comply and simply abide by the new approaches. Aside from reiterating the present reality, empathizing with the sentiments of the teachers, each speaker delivered encouraging hopeful statements that lifted the spirits of all participants and opened their hesitant apprehensive hearts to embrace and brave the new normal of Education.

The morning was aptly capped by the Principal’s introduction of Tay Tung’s Learning Management System. This further relieved the teachers of their uncertainties and reassured them of the school’s support for their concerns. The morning ended with a pledge pronounced by the teachers on their willingness and readiness to embark on this new adventure of distance learning.
The morning plenary session was held in the Kinder Auditorium, with all the faculty members filling the whole room, observing social distancing with chairs arranged a meter apart from each other. Everyone wore a mask.

Tay Tung teachers are ready to confront the new normal in Education and commit to venture on these new demands and requirements of education with conscientiousness in their work, open disposition to innovation, excitement to upgrade and learn updated online skills, and justly deliver without counting the cost to ensure learning among our students. (Angela Kliatchko, MALT MM)