BTTHS Embracing Distance Education


There have been profound changes in the modes of education brought on by the era of the new normal, particularly the shift from brick and mortar classroom (traditional setting) to the virtual classroom. One facet of this is the way in which technology has become an essential part of delivering lessons. The paradigms shift in education has resulted in new modes of instructional delivery, new learning domains, processes, and principles.

On June 9, 2020, redefinED INSET 2020 continued their afternoon session, and teachers were divided into 5 clusters of more or less 20 teachers in each room, still observing the prescribed norms of social distancing and wearing of masks. Five speakers were assigned in each cluster to deliver the talk on Distance Education: Blended and Hybrid Learning.
Cluster 1: Gelkoff Calmerin, MAEd.
Cluster 2: Mina Retita, LPT
Cluster 3: Roland Leonillo, MAEd.
Cluster 4: Angela Kliatchko, MALT, MM
Cluster 5: Shefhannie Cabanus, MAEd.

The session conveyed all the basic and essential ideas to further understand what Distance Education is all about. The discussion aimed at guiding the teachers to shift their focus to teaching using an online platform. During the session, teachers also had a workshop on how to use Gimkit, a live game show for the remote classroom that requires knowledge, collaboration, and strategy.

Once again, the teachers’ mindsets were centered on the essentials of distance learning. Kudos, BTTHS Teachers and Speakers! (Roland Leonillo, MAEd)